About me

I love helping people find a balance in their lives. Foods are broken up into “Primary” these are everything we don’t consume like our career, relationships, spirituality – we have 12 areas in total and our “Secondary” foods which is everything we eat. Hence an integrative approach.

If life has you off balance and you want to go from feeling out of shape, lethargic, struggling to eat healthily, and uncomfortable in your body…to feeling fit, having lots of energy, eating healthy, and loving what you see in the mirror, or struggling with a skincare routine that diminishes fine lines and wrinkles or cellulite then I am here to help you!

I’ve healed my own over-active thyroid and brought it back to normal over 3 months by implementing both primary and secondary foods for my individual body. I am here to guide and mentor you on your own individual needs.

Just like our fingerprint, no two of our bodies are the same!

You can, at any moment, reconfigure yourself to have the life that you want to have ..... an infinite number of times

Joshua Rosenthal