Mtoti Foundation

Mtoti Foundation

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, "What are you doing for others?"  Martin Luther King Jr.

Zavala District is a district of Inhambane Province in South-East Mozambique. Its principal town is Zavala. The district is located at the east of the province, and borders with Inharrime District in the North and with Manjacaze District of Gaza Province in the West. In the East and in the South, the district is surrounded by the Indian Ocean.

The area of the district is just under 2000 square kilometres and with a population of 140 000 as of 2007 with 30 000 subsistence farms.

Less than 1% of the households of the district have access to electricity and it is estimated that more than half of the district’s population is analphabetic and under the age of 15.

Mtoti is a community in the Zavala district, where the nearest major town is Quissico, 37km away. They are the traditional custodians of the island on which the current resort, Daghata is built. It is within this community where we have identified  the school as the platform where we can achieve the greatest impact on the community not only in the immediate future but for the long-term future of the community and the district as a whole .

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to collaborate with like-minded people who believe that as one we are unable to make the world a better place, but jointly one small act of kindness can make a massive impact in the lives of others and touch someone’s heart more than we could ever imagine. What we believe, we can achieve!

Our mission is to uplift a small community and school in a poverty-stricken African country, Mozambique. To provide them with the basic necessities and facilities essential to humankind. To touch each and every member of the community and give them hope that people care enough about them to want to make a difference in their lives.

Our initial projects:

Fresh drinking borehole water for the school and community.

Cost R150 000 Completed in June 2020

Water tank stand

Cost R65 000
Looking for donations to complete in 2021

First ablution blocks

Looking for donations to complete in March 2022

  • Classrooms with desks and chairs
  • Add on and upgrade to existing administration block and build a teachers rest room
  • Additional classrooms with desks and chairs
  • Educational farms
  • Medical and diet clinic
  • Soccer field and soccer uniforms for students

The Celeste Myburgh Foundation has committed to donate 5% of each coaching session fees towards the projects to assist in uplifting the school and community.

For any donations for the school please contact Celeste on +2783 442 5164  or email info@daghata.co.za