Dear achiever,

Do you also have that mind that thinks permanently, it NEVER wants to just switch off and give you a break! Oh, and the best time for it to let you know it’s around is early early hours of the morning. Always picking the right time to try and find solutions to all your problems. You know which one I’m talking about.

How do you handle yours? Besides wanting to pull it out my head and smash it around to just stop please, I knew I couldn’t get that right so I did my usual checking in with Mrs google and decided meditation would be the solution to my problem. Great solution but boy do I have a stubborn mind, it’s taken me month’s now and I’m getting close to 10 minutes without it wandering off like she does.

I chose guided meditation so that I could concentrate and repeat the mantra which definitely helps when she decides to go off on a little stroll. And every now and then she strolls so far that I forget what the mantra is. My hat, Celeste focus! But I have made it a daily routine when I wake up and I’m really starting to see how my focus is improving and how my length of time is increasing to keep my mind still. Believe me I’m only in infant stages and even though I’m only here now, I already see how I have more clarity in my mind with my goals and the direction in my life, how I make better and quicker decisions with a clearer mind, how peaceful and content I always am, how relaxed I am (those aches and knots in my shoulders no longer exist) and so many other benefits that I can see and feel.

I would love to hear if you practise meditation, what kind and how it has made you feel?

Lots of love,



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