“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” Oprah Winfrey

Dear achiever,

Have you ever found that its sometimes so easy to get caught up in all the negativity around us that we begin to absorb that into our own lives? We’ve all gone through days where one small negative thing in the morning triggers the start of our day and instead of nipping it in the butt straight away, we let it control the rest of our day. Our thoughts control our choices and actions, which in turn control the outcome of our lives. I agree with you, life is tough, and times are difficult, but it’s how we handle every thought that determines whether our lives will be happy and successful or unhappy and broke.

I was one of those people who always complained about how my life was, what I didn’t have, how broke I was, how I wish I had a nicer house, how nothing seemed to go right for me, you know the story many of us have been through this. And yes, many people are still doing this today. I hated my life and because I was always complaining about my life it began to spiral in everything, in a negative way.

A few months ago, I knew something had to be better than this and that this cannot be why I was put on this earth. I know I was destined for greater things, that’s why my name is Celeste – gift from heaven. I had one of two difficult choices to make, stay in the sorry for myself rut or pick myself up and do great things. While you thinking of course, pick yourself up what’s wrong with you? I’m there with you, but the choice I had to make was to never ever go back to that sorry for myself person again. And believe me that is the hardest choice to make, it’s so easy to fall back into what was. Friend I was more determined than ever to do this, I wanted this so bad I could feel it to my core and so I made a commitment and promise to myself that I would never be that person again!

So how did I do it? Yay for me, it’s 4 months already and I’m still keeping my promise and commitment to myself and I feel great. I have never felt so content and happy in my life. I do have the odd moments of being emotional, but hey I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t. The difference is that instead of always complaining about what I didn’t have, I now give thanks and gratitude for everything I do have in my life including my desires. Each time a negative thought pops into my head, within 5 seconds I push it out and replace it with a positive thought. I give gratitude in the morning while I’m having my tea outside and last thing before I go to bed.

Lots of love



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