About me

About me

My why for the course

As an adult I have realised there are so many things that would’ve benefited my life if I had learned them at an earlier age. How to cope with stress, how to live the best life possible, why meditation is so important to calm the mind and be at peace with yourself, how to manage my finances, how to have great relationships, how to fill your life with joy, why being able to cook and eat home cooked meals is so important, how to choose the right career and not just accept a job, why being healthy and physically active is crucial to your well-being. These are just a few areas had I been taught about; my life could’ve gone on a more positive path and I would have had the grounding to identify and avoid challenges that presented themselves. I would’ve been better equipped to handle the obstacles life throws us.

My reason for developing the course

I have a passion for children and always want the best for them. I understand each and every parent is doing the best they can to give their child the best life possible. Unfortunately, we all get caught up in life and before we know it times passes us by and most of us haven’t achieved the things we wanted to do, let alone help our child.
I want to ease the pressure on a parent/s by helping them give their child the life they deserve to live. Through my course the child will learn about the 12 areas of life and how to implement them into their daily lives. In 2021 my course will be implemented online for Grades 1-7 and then in 2022 Grades 1-12 will be implemented in various schools. The aim is for the child to attend the course each year until Grade 12.

My training

I trained and graduated in March 2020 through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.